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You can turn on your TV these days without hearing Microsoft with a whole slew of other companies telling you to "take it to the cloud" so what does the cloud mean anyway? How can the cloud help your business to suceede in today's market? What is VMware and how can virtuilization save your company thousands of dollars in hardware but also in power consumption? The Cloud doesn't have to continue to be a myserious buzz word that doesn't have any practical application for your company. With the expertise offered by The Tek you can rest assured that you will have the right solution for your business small or large. cloud_computing_image
  • Datacenter Virtuilization. Nearly every company today is looking to VMware for Datacenter virtuilization to cut down on the cost of hardware and provide an easier way to manage their current infrastructure. The Tek has years of experience working with large and small companies assisting them with datacenter virtuilization. Call The Tek today and find out how datacenter virtuilization can work for your company.
  • Microsoft 365. Not every company needs an in-house Exchange and Sharepoint deployment. Microsoft is now offering a new service called Microsoft 365 which offers hosted Exchange, Sharepoint and even Microsoft's live communication server renamed Lync which offerss corporate instant messaging, video conferecing and online meetings. The Tek is currently in the Beta and will be offering this service for your company soon!
  • Amazon EC2 And Cloud Computing Consulting. If you are a small to mid-sized business there is probably no reason you need to have any servers located in your companies office. With Amazon EC2 and other cloud computing companies you can move your servers to a cloud computing company such as Amazon which will offer full redundancy of your server virual images. This way your company doesn't have to worry about hardware failures or even day to day backups. Call The Tek and see how moving to the cloud can reduce your IT costs and headachs.