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tlinux-logo The Tek has over 10 years of experience in Linux and Solaris, as well as a wide range of popular open source applications such as Apache, MySQL, Sendmail, Bind, DNS, Spamassassin, and many others. Far to many consulting companies off one-size fits all Windows and Cisco based solutions and attempt to fit their canned solutions to your environment, here at The Tek we look at all of the needs of your company and we fit a customized solution which best fits you and your business. Offten times finding a Linux baised solution offers a lot more flexability, security and more features then canned Windows and Cisco based solutions. There is a reason the top corportation in the world trust Linux and other popular open source solutions as the core of their production infrastructure. 

  • Linux, Redhat, and Solaris Consulting. The Tek has worked specifically with RedHat, SuSe and Solaris based Linux and Unix operating systems for over 10 years, supporting production environments for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the United States.
  • Zimbra Consulting. Zimbra is currently the leading open-source Exchange Mail Server alternative which is now owned and operated by VMware the leading virtualization company. Zimbra offers all the features of a standard Exchange deployment with better performance and many additional features not offered by exchange, such as centralized instant messaging, multi-client support, integrated anti-virus (while running on a server operating system which is immune to viruses). So if you are looking fro Denver Zimbra Consulting The Tek is for you!
  • MySQL Consulting. More and more applications rely on MySQL is a backend database. The Tek has years of experience designing, implementing and supporting multi-master MySQL servers as well as designing large MySQL clusters. If you are looking to have a MySQL environment designed from the ground up or if you are simply looking for support for your current MySQL deployment contact The Tek today.
  • Openfiler or Centralized NAS Consulting. A Linux based NAS (network attached storage) is the most cost effective feature rich NAS available on the market today. A Linux based NAS can offer your company centralized storage, active directory integration for centralized user authentication, CIFS (windows file sharing), NFS, FTP, RSYNC, and many other options for file sharing. Not only does a Linux based NAS offer enterprise level features such as snapshots it can also be deployed on non name brand hardware such as SuperMicro which can offers terabytes of storage for the fraction of the cost of a Windows file server or NetApp.
  • Linux-HA and Load Balancing. Is a Cisco ASA or BigIP Load Balancer too expensive for your company to afford? Do you really need load balancers which can cost over $100,000 while a Linux based solution can do everything your infrastructure needs for a 10th of the cost? The Tek has extensive experiencing designing high performance linux based load balancers which are being used by many large corporations providing load balanced solutions for their web infrastrctures. 
  • OpenVPN. Does your company need a cost effective turn key VPN solution? The Tek can deploy a VPN server for your company with licensing costs at $50 / 10 users. No Microsoft or Cisco product can make that clam not to mention OpenVPN is extremley secure and manage.

This is just a small list of the most popluar selection of open-source software The Tek supports and can deploy for your company. However The Tek has a wide range of experience with popular open-source applications and will assist your company in finding the right solution for you!