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With years of security expereicne working for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the United States, you being to learn something about IT Security. The Tek has extensive experience in Penetraion Testing, Intrusion Detection System design and imlementation, as well as security process and procedures. It doesn't do your company any good if you have the latest in firewall technology yet your employees are still able to set their passwords to "password". Many companies don't realize it isn't hackers from China or the Middle East trying to steal your companies secrets, chances are your infrastrucure is being targeted by a hacker who wants to use your nework and your servers to launch attacks against bigger corporate or govt networks. Make sure you let The Tek protect your companie's assets today. IT Security Consulting
  • Penetration Testing. The Tek has conducted external and internal penetration testing for some of the largest Fortune 500 and 1000 companies in the United States. Penetration Testing is a critial component of each and every companie's security plan. Simple vulnerability scanning is a great start for a company, however a full penetration test and validate not only risks identified in the vulnerability scan, but it can also identify problems in your companies internal security policies such as password policies and document management / storage polices.
  • Internal Security Policy Review. With our properly designed security policies your company is vulnerable to a wide range of attacks. How offens does your company apply patches to critical server infrastructure? What is your internal password policy? How offten are users required to change their passwords? Where are employees alowed to store confidential internal documentation? The Tek will help your company answer all of these questions and more, not only will we review your companies current internal security policy but assist in the creation of a new policy if needed.
  • Intrusion Detection.Your company's network is under attack right now. Hackers all over the world are using automated tools to scan wiede ranges of IP addresses including yours! By deploying an IDS system your company can detect threats and react to them long before an attacker ever penetrates your network. Ask The Tek today how an IDS can help protect your companie's core infrastructure.
  • Computer Forensics The Tek can assist your company with computer forensics. If a previous employee tried to delete critical company data, or you need to identify copyright infingement or software piracy, The Tek can help you out!