Disaster Recovery Planning Print
backup_recovery The Tek offers a wide range of disaster recovery and backup solutions for your business no matter how big or small. All businesses these days large and small are dependant or their IT infrastructure for day to day operation. Is your company prepared for simple problems such as hardware failures or accidental file deltion? How about larger problems such as fires, flood, power outages and major hardware failures which could require entire servers to be rebuilt? If your company is not prepared for these problems, it could only be a mater of days untill your company is out of business due to a "mistake" or natural disaster.
  • Netbackup / BackupExec Consulting.The Tek has been working with Netbackup and BackupExec for nearly 8 years. No Netbackup or BackupExec implementation is too large or too small. If you need assistance with backup to tape or backup to disk The Tek is here to help.
  • Zmanda / Amanda. Amanda is an open-source backup application which was first intorduced in 1995. Over the years is has evolved into an enterprise class backup solution which supports Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS X, Oracle, MS Exchange, MS SQL, MS Sharepoint, PostgreSQL, MySQL as well as VMware. Not only does Zmanda work with traditional storage options such as backup to disk and backup to tape, Zmanda also integrates with Amazon S3 allowing your company to have an off-site backup solution!
  • Disaster Recovery Planning. There is no one size fits all disaster recovery plan for any business large or small. The Tek will assist your company in designing a Disaster Recover plan which suits your companies needs. Do you need active / active datacenters? Do you need data replication in the U.K? Can you live with a few days of downtime while your data is restored from the cloud? Or do you need an active / passive setup utilizing the cloud? Well The Tek can help your company investigate what options are available as well as the pitfalls of each option.