Asterisk and VoIP Consulting Print
asterisk The Tek is a leader in Denver Asterisk Consulting and Denver VoIP Consulting. Not only is Asterisk the most flexable open-source VoIP PBX on the market today there is no end to the customized solutions which can be created with this great phone system. The Tek has years of experience designing custom based VoIP solutions including autodialers, phone dating systems, predictive dialers and much much more. Due to the open nature of asterisk The Tek can customize a solution that fits your companies needs.
  • VoIP Predictive Dialer. Do you run a call center? Are you looking for a low-cost alternative to traditional analogue line based solutions? How would you like to deploy a predictive dialer with everything you could imagine while leveeraging the low-cost of VoIP? Well ask The Tek how an open-source predictive dialer can help your business save thousands in monthly phone calls and increase productivity by 1000%!
  • Inbound Call Center Solutions. Did you know that Asterisk has the ability to manade 100s of call queues and that each of those queues is fully customizable including roundrobin and least call routing? Ask The Tek how Asterisk can solve your call center problems!.
  • Prepaid Calling Card Solution. Are you looking to start your own prepaid calling card company? Have you started one and are looking to leverage VoIP to offset the cost of traditional phone lines? Ask The Tek how a prepaid calling card solution based on Asterisk can save you thousands of dollars.